This is to you – you know who you are, YOU PISS ME OFF!


This page is for everyone and anyone who has been, or is currently, pissed off.  In particular, if you have no way of letting that person or persons no just how much they piss you off and why.  Vent your anger here!




01/10/2008 CHARLEY: People in lectures or confrences who try and tell us everything they know before asking a question, and sometimes not even asking the dam question – YOU PISS ME OFF!


Television interviewers who answer their own questions, e.g. “You lost the game, you must be feeling pretty devistated, how do you feel?” – YOU PISS ME OFF!


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  1. 1

    Lee said,

    To the person in front of me at the ATM yesterday, you had five people in front of you yet you decided not to get your wallet and ATM card out of your purse until it was your turn, holding me up a further 3 minutes – YOU PISSED ME OFF

  2. 2

    anonymouscharley said,

    Thanks for that Lee, we all can sympathize with you there! It doesn’t take much just to get prepared with your card out, and it can save people a whole lot of time. What an inconsiderate prick that person was.

  3. 3

    Procrastination – you really piss me off! I hate the guilty feeling when you’re having fun or just relaxing but you know you really should be working… It’s all building up on me now….

  4. 4

    anonymouslee said,

    Time, you piss me off, how you go so slowly, ticking by with no respect for anyone else, no regard that other people need you to go quickly and yet you ignore their pleas and desperation and just continue to go tick………………..tick……………………tick………………….tick! Damn you time!

  5. 5

    Charley said,

    Hahahaha… And here I am thinking that time is going to fast! You can never win can you… On the one hand I’m hoping for time to go slowly so I have more time for holidays and to get all my assignments done and on the other hand I want time to go faster so I can get uni over with and get over to see my girlfriend… Oh time you are a tricky one…

  6. 6

    anonymouslee said,

    You pissed me off lady in my office… you know what you did and it wasnt cool at all.

  7. 7

    Charley said,

    Aren’t you going to elaberate any further? I wanna know what that lady in your office did…. ;p What a bitch any way whatever she did.

  8. 8

    Charley said,

    I guess she does know who she is though… Bitch!

  9. 9

    Charley said,

    Canberra Cabs – man you piss me off! Especially when you turn up half an hour late when I need to get to uni (or anywhere else for that matter) and make me late – you really piss me off!!!

    Something needs to be done about the public transport system in Canberra in general! I think someone needs to be shot to make an example for the rest…. An extreme measure, but I think necessary and justified.

  10. 10

    anonymouslee said,

    monorail… monorail… monorail… mono… is the answer

  11. 11

    Charley said,

    Yes, I think you’re right Lee!! Let’s go get a mob together and start lobbying the government through song!!!

  12. 12

    anonymouslee said,

    Radio show hosts – need i say more?

  13. 13

    Charley said,

    I can’t believe Mark as in Mark and Lisa from Mix 106.3 ran for parliament in the ACT! Man, I don’t like politicians, but I wouldn’t wish Mark on anyone…. Can you imagine how bad that would be having to deal with even more of Mark – on TV as well as radio? Hope he lost….

  14. 14

    Charley said,

    The DSC/DSU – you know who you are – you piss me off! Really really piss me off! You piss me off with your absolute incompatence and complete lack of anything even approaching common sense, intelegence or good work ethic.

  15. 15

    anonymouslee said,

    i agree with both of your complaints! and wish to add another – alarm clock you piss me off! How dare you not go off this morning, who do you think you are! You have ONE JOB! ONE! I expect you to fulfil it wholeheartedly, if it happens again alarm clock i will break you and throw you in the bin – you’ve been warned!

  16. 16

    Charley said,

    Hahahahahhah….. ooo don’t even get me started on alarms and waking up!

  17. 17

    anonymouslee said,

    To all of your who are not at work today and enjoying the sun and the race festivities – you piss me off, although if we’re going to be specific – to my work – you piss me off

  18. 18

    Charley said,

    Essays and procrastination (because the two go hand-in-hand) – you piss me off! Why am I such a good procrastinator, I hate it…

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