The office worker

I’m not new to the world of the office worker, having worked in one for over 5 years.  Yet since recently changing employers i realise the role of the office worker is not quite what i thought it was.  You see at my old job i was the Office Assistant aka Office Bitch, no real role or post just a general ‘helper’ which was fine with me considering i am a uni student and the last thing i want is responsibility.  However i decided to leave this job and try and pursue something more in line with my degree.  On good faith i took a job that seemed full of opportunities to expand my knowlege and obtain some real hands on experience – i was wrong. 

My day as Receptionist / Personal Assistant consists of checking emails, distributing the mail and faxes, and filing.  Yes that’s a full stop after filing, i have no more tasks required of me other than this, which means when 9:30am strikes i have finished my work for the day.  What to do with my time i wonder, lets just say google books is a god send!

Anyway back on track, as i go through my day i cant help but think surely there is something else i am meant to be doing, they cant really have hired me if all they want me to do is an hour’s worth of work.  I ask my colleauges and they don’t require any help so i am left to my own devices, which currently entails making files look extra pretty and constantly browsing the stationary cupboard for new additions to my top drawer. 

Maybe this is how all offices run, and my previous job was just out of step? Considering at my old job i was literally running around the offices meeting deadlines and typing away as fast as i could to make sure things were done by 5pm, it has taken a lot of will power to slow down and do nothing.  Anyways if you can’t already tell i am starting to dislike my new exciting opportunity filled job as it is slowly sucking my soul from within me.


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