Slowly Slowly

1.28pm. 3 hours and 32 minutes until i can leave this place. I have nothing to do but do not want to go on lunch yet.  I’d rather go at two so when i return it will be 2:30 and then its only 2.5 hours until i can leave.  Whats killing me is its a public holiday and everyone else gets the day off, except for my office, why i ask! why! on top of this we don’t get paid anything extra for being here and we had a ‘special lunch’ which ended up being paid for by us, talk about incentives to come to work!

1:30pm. Only two minutes has passed, its excruitiating.  I know this is a cliche question but why is it that when you are having the time of your life time flies but when your literally about ready to take the stapler in front of you and staple yourself to see if you are indeed alive, time decides to drag on and on and on and on.  What is with that?

1:32. i am hoping this writing will kill the time but as you can see only four minutes has passed, i thought ten had.  Maybe i can send a sneaky email around my work encouraging people to go on strike in protest against this entrapment on a glorious public holiday, i’ll organise i coup and overthrow those in power and announce a free day for all, or at least an early mark?? Come on, you know you want to.

1:33pm. Maybe i should just go to lunch now.


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  1. 1

    Charley said,

    Yeah I really want to know what the law is on that re public holidays. What’s the point of a public holiday if companies can just choose not to follow them and not to compensate you for it?

    Would you be interested in doing some volunteer translation for a non-proffit organisation helping the victims of the Sidoarjo mud disaster to help pass your time? ;p

  2. 2

    anonymouslee said,

    As soon as exams are over i would definately be interested 🙂 got nothing better to do while i’m at work – note it would need to be proofread by a more fluent speaker

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