Irrational Immigration Laws

A German man’s application for Australian permant residency has just been denied because his 13year old son has Down Syndrome.  Apparently the Australian government believes if a migrant will be a burden on Australia, in this case put pressure on Australian health services, then they will not be permitted to stay for good.  Oh sorry did i forget to mention that the dad of this boy is a doctor? and not just a doctor but the ONLY fulltime doctor at Wimmera Base Hospital.  Huh… this makes absolutely no logical sense to me.  Moreover there are constant complaints about the lack of doctors within Australia, especially within rural areas, and here they are kicking someone who is not only willing to work in rural Australia but actually wants to work there! Sometimes i wonder who makes these decisions, i really do.

Australian immigration policies are bad enough, and this is just icing on the cake. Where is the justification? Is this not utter discrimination? I am aware of health checks on incoming migrants, and i understand the threats posed to Australians if migrants are able to come without being checked for disease etc, BUT i do not see how this arguement fits in with this case?  Can a 13 year old boy really be classified as a “significant cost to the community”? Especially when his father’s occupation contributes so much more?


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    Charley said,

    Well said Lee! It’s the usual illogical, irrational, inhumane bullshit from the Immigration Department. Makes me angry! I hope they get Ministerial intervention on this one. And the doctor father has even said he’s more than happy to pay his son’s way himself, so there will not be any burden on the public health system. It makes me ashamed to be Australian. If little Johnny was still in power I would want him to explain how this was a reflection of “mateship”. As it is, I just hope Kevin handles it better and puts pressure on the Immigration Minister to set things straight.

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