A work in progress…

As I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings I couldn’t believe what I saw. A tall gangly figure staring intently at her, he was so pale with eyes the colour of steel but most notably he had two golden antlers growing from the side of his head.  Next to him stood a woman of unimaginable beauty, raven curls tumbling down her back, dressed in a white silk dress clinging to her womanly curves.  What an odd pair, yet i somehow felt I had seen them before, but where?

“Don’t be frightened’, said the beautiful woman as she extended her hand to pull me up.  It was at this moment that i realised I was completely naked, save for a golden anklet which was digging into my flesh, i was sitting in a large pond filled with emerald coloured water.  Whenever the light caught at the ripples vibrant colours of gold and red would shimmer through the water, the whole pond was covered in white lillies with dragonflies darting here and there.  What was this place.

I hesitated before taking the woman’s hand, this was a mistake.  The tall pale man glared at me with such ferocity i thought i would fall back into the water with a thud.


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    Charley said,

    More more more!!! I’m getting excited… I want to know what happens next!

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