Popping My Cherry Blog

Well day one of our blog page and the sexual innuendos have already begun!

Hello i am Lee, like Charley has pointed out this was set up as a means for us to waste as much time as possible and avoid doing any work be it uni or otherwise. So far its proving pretty well considering i’ve been at work for 4hours now and have done nothing but work out how to navigate around this website and make it look nice lol. It looks like Blogging was a good answer.

So i think the people at my work think i have a bladder problem. Im trying to begin drinking 2 litres of water a day, apparently doing this makes you lose weight, makes your skin clear, makes you less tired, gives you more energy and helps keep your insides healthy – so i figure if i can do this i wont have to go to the gym, eat healthy, wash my face or sleep but it also makes you need to pee every 10 minutes! I guess theres always a down side huh 😉

So a bit about me, im a uni student who has just begun working full time – dont ask me why but i regretted the decision as soon as it was made! I was considering quitting but then i got my first pay cheque and well you know.. its funny how much money can change things.  Im just about to finish my undergrad degree and planning on doing another year of postgrad study after this, although i havent come up with a thesis topic and i only have about 3 more weeks to decide 😦 Its an impossible decision, how am i supposed to come up with a topic for a 20 thousand word thesis when i know i’ll start writing it and 5000 words in, i’ll change my mind ah well.

Well thats me for the moment, I’ve drawn a blank 🙂 This was all very exciting – my very first blog entry! 🙂 Hopefully the next one will be more entertaining! I’ll keep you posted on my water experienment, bye for now!


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  1. 1

    anonymouscharley said,

    Very erotic there Lee! It’s been a pleasure losing my blogging virginity with you… So now we’re no longer blog virgins, let’s go crazy!

    I like the sound of that water experiment – I’ve been trying to drink more water as well. You’ve inspired me further now! I think it should be our mission. In fact, maybe we could even keep track of how much water we’re drinking on this page… 😉 The pissing like an old man – highly frequently – doesn’t excite me though, I must say.

    All this talk of water is making me thursty…. I’m going to go get a drink!

  2. 2

    Stephanie Wong said,

    I tried the water thing as well and it worked! I still have to go to the gym and eat healthy though… Why don’t u write ur thesis on that? 🙂

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