Losing My Blogging Virginity



Wow, there I go – I guess I’ve just lost my blogging virginity…  It’s quite a nice feeling really.


My mum asked me the other day “What’s a blog?”, I explained to her what it was to the best of my ability, and then she said “So it’s a website?”.  I felt like replying “No, it’s when you do a bog and it comes out in logs”…  Parents hey…


Now me and some colleagues have gotten together with this little project as a way of helping us procrastinate (because we find procrastination so difficult otherwise, not).


I’m not too sure where the whole thing is going, but I expect we will fill it up with random thoughts and ideas, stories from our sometimes interesting (often ordinary) lives, quotes, jokes, donkey tails and comments and oppinions we have on current (and not so current) issues.  Who knows what might come up; you’ll have to see for yourself! ;p  I’m sure we won’t bore you, because if you get the slightest hint of bordum you’ll just close the browser or go somewhere else.




And read our self-indulgent woffle.




Was it as good for you as it was for me?




Anybody else wanna share their stories of how they lost their blogging virginity? Or any other kind of virginity for that matter?


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    anonymouscharley said,

    So, my nysterious colleague, can you please pretty this post up and pretty our blog up generally (if it needs it). I look forward to seeing you lose your blogging virginity (ie reading your first post)! ;p

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